About me



Hi! My name is Sahar. I’m a Ceramic-Materials and Electrical Engineer who enjoys the world of art and colors outside the box! In a typical day in my life, I’m in charge of system design and engineering of a Solar company! I design solar Projects for a greener earth!  At night, I’m a graphist who doesn’t get enough of vivid colors…

But about this page: this page is about the second part and what I do on my over-time, an integral of digital art and my routes down at a place I was grown op to be this, Iran.

I learned to do digital art when I was 17 and had lots of free time, but as time went by I had little time to enjoy the magical and mysterious world of creation having to deal with graduate studies and an engineering life... When finally started my professional life as a 9-5er , I began to realize that turning into a machine is something I've been always challenged with as my artistic side kept wanting to call-in-sick on a working day to get some " real work" done!!  So, it was how it began, on a normal business day I would get home, have supper and sit in front my laptop and let my heart wander in a timeless zone of colors and designs in pure silence of the night until morning crowd wakes my brain's right temple! 

So, why did I focus on maneuvering over the Persian art? you know I'm an immigrant and I'm from the heated middle east, that makes me perfect in politics! hahah!! You may not have noticed but media doesn't help much with broadcasting the true colors of Iran due to the it’s current political situation and for that Iran is not exactly a top tourist destination and as such many of its wonders are kept a secret from the rest of the world.

people may have heard about the the long 6000-7000 history behind this nation but what they don’t know is that behind the " front pages of the media", Iranians live in a magical world they were inherited-remnants of an empire that once covered almost the entire area from Greece to China.

Behind the eyes of media Iranians are romantic dreamers that live a peaceful life - surrounded by exquisite architecture in each region - masterpieces driven by the combination of mathematics, art, poetry, and calligraphy, that despite the repeated trauma of invasions and cultural shocks, have achieved an individuality distinct from that of other Muslim countries.

Here are some photos that represent the beauty I'm talking about: 


when I used to live in Germany- for graduate studies, I realized how little do people know about Iran and its culture-guess how many time have I been asked if we ride camels?? Haha! - when I moved to Canada, I felt people know more about "us" perhaps due to the large population of Iranians here. All giving reason for me to represent the romantic Iranian culturist!

In the past few years, Iranian contemporary artists have found different ways to bridge their rich traditional cultural heritage with modern multidisciplinary practices, and digital art being of them is the window I chose to display this world of beauty.

Designs you will see are adapted from the existing architectural elements and decorations of palaces, mosques and illustrated manuscript combined with calligraphy works of poems, spanning themes of love, divine mysticism and human rights. contemporary and post-modern Calligraphy of Persian poems from famous medieval and post-modern era poets such as Hafez, Khayyam, Rumi, hamid Mosadegh, Siavash Kasraei, Hushang Ebtehaj, etc. are used as ornamental forms in each design. 

So what for? The truth is I was sextually assaulted by my Direct supervisor- Director of Engineering - last year. I went down the dark path of depression and the pain of dealing with grief was a nightmare. On my path toward healing, I began to realize how victims beat themselves up for some one else’s wrongdoing and how hard it is to open up even to a social worker. The good thing was, I received the support I needed to get back on my feet, but along the way, I was mindful of many women back home, who can’t get closure and the support they need, due to the societal pressures of their traditional patriotic communities.

After a bit of search, I finally met a team of women who support these victims by providing them with free therapy sessions and care. I thought to myself, I can reach out and make a difference in the lives of at least some of this voiceless women despite of my living far far away from them and that has become my mission statement.  ...

I look forward to hearing from you and will be more than happy to know your questions or comments.